Our Downtown Auto Body Services

When you take your vehicle in for repair at Avenue Collision, you have the confidence your car will return to its original form with our trusted team of licensed technicians. Our certified workers take pride in restoring your vehicle to its original condition; after wear and tear, or those road incidents. Avenue Collision is a boutique auto body collision center in downtown Toronto where we take ownership of the entire process, offering a first class customer experience our knowledgeable staff seek your satisfaction.

Service Highlights at our Auto Collision Centre in Midtown Toronto


Certified technicians

In addition to using the best tools, at our downtown auto body shop we only hire skilled technicians who go the extra mile. We want to ensure your vehicle receives first class repairs, as such we are careful to hire talented technicians who are skilled in auto body repair. We have technicians certified by luxury car brands including Porsche, BMW, Lexus, and MINI so you know your car is in good hands.


Quality Repair Equipment

We believe that a worker is only as good as their tools. That’s why we chose to use high quality equipment so our experienced technicians can be accurate and precise in all their work. Remember, quality repair equipment leads to quality repairs. We only use the finest tools at our auto collision centre for only the finest of repairs.


Unique Paint Refinishing

We use unique colour matching equipment to restore your vehicle to its original luster. Our experienced technicians are experts at colour matching, and our partnerships with auto dealers give us an obvious advantage when it comes to getting a true match. You can trust us to use the right equipment and colours to perfectly match your car and all its contours. Whether you need paint refinishing or paintless dent removal, we have you covered.

Complimentary Valet Service

As Toronto’s only downtown auto body shop, we understand that you might actually be coming from a fair distance away when you need to drop off or pick up your car. We want to make it easier on you. That’s why we offer a complimentary valet service to drop you off after you leave your car with us, and pick you up when you’re ready to get it back.

Automobile Rental Assistance

When your automobile is with us for an extended period of time, we'll help arrange to get you a replacement vehicle while yours is being serviced. That way, getting around without your car is no biggie. You’ll be set up with a rental and you won’t need to worry about your transportation while your car is at our auto collision centre.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Car accidents are stressful enough, and dealing with insurance can add even more stress. When you come to Avenue Collision in midtown Toronto, we’ll help you take care of your insurance claims and help guide you through the process so you can have peace of mind.

Windshield and Glass Repair

Your windshield and windows are an important part of the maintenance of your car. Our skilled technicians can repair chips and cracks in your windshield to improve the structural integrity of your car and improve your visibility as a driver.